VIP Entertainment Club (Perth only)

The VIP Entertainment Club provides its members access to a wide range of pre-screening including but not limited to -movies, plays, concerts, ballet, wine tastings, boutique openings, musical recitals, workshops and networking events. Movies for instance are Advanced Screenings/Opening nights and Media pre-screenings 'most screenings you cannot buy tickets to these screenings'. 

Hence the privilege to our members -attend and enjoy ahead of public release. Some nights have wine/food as part of their theme nights, we have enjoyed Q & A events with Directors and some of the cast present. (Door lists/e-tickets and or in-season passes)

Membership is $87 to attend 10 events in a 12 month period. 

You register and attend events of your own choosing. All events are double tickets, so you can take a friend with the exception of seminars/networking breakfast as these have a face value of $100 - $500 per person.

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VIP Directory (Business/Career Listings) - Melbourne only

Looking for extra exposure and leads for your business? Advertise in our VIP Business Directory and you'll not only get exposure to 1000's more contacts but you'll also benefit from active promotion throughout our extensive network. 

Looking for a Business service recommended by others? Click below to enter our VIP Business Directory.

$487 for 1 year to have your business listed/and or profession on our site and enjoy the benefits of traffic and our social media links to promote your business. From time to time you are also invited to attend events complementary of a business nature that the VIP Club secures for the VIP Business Group.

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